Yaounde: Suspected Taxi Robbers Arrested

André Tsala Jules, Enyengue André Loic and Mekongo Augustin, were recently picked up by the Judicial Police.


Three men are in custody at the Judicial Police headquarters in Yaounde. André Tsala Jules, 34, alias “Papa ye” (a taxi driver), Enyengue André Loic, 20 and Mekongo Augustin, 21, were arrested by operatives of the Judicial Police on September 14, 2016 in Yaounde. Police said a woman lodged a complaint over assault at the Judicial Police headquarters.

She boarded a taxi on August 4, 2016, from the Yaounde Multipurpose Sports Complex at Warda at 9.30 pm for Elig-Edzoa, a Yaounde neighbourhood. She told police that when she boarded the taxi, she found two “passengers” aboard with the driver – one on the front seat and the other at the back. On the way, the driver changed the itinerary to an obscure place.

The “passenger” sitting with the lady behind then threatened to cut off her throat with a sharp knife as the accomplice in front seized her hand bag, iPod, telephone, and a Bio-disque health machine. Unfortunately for the robbers, their victim took note of the vehicle’s registration number and reported the incident to the police. Following thorough investigations, the gang leader, André Tsala Jules, was picked up in Yaounde on September 14, 2016 at 4.30 pm. Through him, the police were able to get the other accomplices.

After searching his vehicle, police found six sharp knives, 17 mobile telephones and Sim cards, fake identification badges and fake number plates. André Tsala, who is an ex-convict, changed his name to Boulli Jean. He told the police that he set up the gang after leaving prison a year ago. The three have been operating in Yaounde in the past one year. Their victims were women and they operated three times a week. According to the robbers, they got about 10 victims each time they struck.


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