Yaounde Electricity Power Shortage : Major Clarifications On Envisaged Solution

Following the unfortunate incident on the technical facilities of the electrical substation of the former Geological and Mining Information Brigade, abbreviated GMIB at the Melen neighbourhood in Yaounde on the night of August 7, 2019 that has created power supply problems in the city, the Minister of Communication, Rene Emmanuel Sadi and the Minister of Water Resources and Energy, Gaston Eloundou Essomba have presented certain measures taken by the State of Cameron to address the situation. The August 14, 2019 press conference at the Ministry of Communication was held in the presence of the General Managers of ENEO and SONATREL. Going by Minister Eloundou, the unfortunate incident occurred at about 9pm on August 7. The fire incident affected 19 control units of the transmission centre with the centre currently being out of service at the moment. The centre is responsible for the supply of 28 per cent of electricity in the political capital, reason for the current instabilities in electricity distribution with untold social and economic consequences within the entire Mfoundi Division. 

Provisional Measures 

A series of temporal measures have been put in place by the government for power supply in the affected neighbourhoods. The Minister of Water Resources and Energy explained that special measures have been taken to constantly supply electricity in sensitive social areas such as hospitals and water pumping or distribution centres. He equally added that a rotationally rationing plan of power supply has been adopted to ensure that everyone benefits from electricity distribution. Elucidating on the aspect of electricity rationing, the General Manger of ENEO, Joel Nana Kontcou said a daily rationing plan has already been made public for those in the affected neighbourhoods. He however noted that all the concerned neighbourhoods will be supplied electricity during the day with the rationing plan most effective in the evening and night periods with ENEO providing adequate information on the situation as the need arises. On that note, Minister Eloundou called on the population to be cautious and rational in the use of electricity. 

Final Rehabilitation

The Minister of Water Resources and Energy noted in his preliminary statement that plans on the final rehabilitation of the damaged power substation centre are on course. He noted that materials to that effect are already on the way with preliminary works ongoing. Minister Eloundou said once the materials and necessary equipment arrive on site, seven days will be used for the installation. He said everything is being done with all concerned stakeholders working in synergy for the situation to be quickly addressed and a return to steady power supply. Two companies specialised in the energy sector, ‘Alliance’ and ‘Primelec Sarl’ have been contracted to participate in the rehabilitation works. The Minister equally added that a project to replace about 5,000 wooden electricity poles with cement concrete ones in the city of Yaounde is on course. Back-up equipment will equally be kept as a measure to pre-empt any inconveniences during unforeseen circumstances.

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