Yaounde Air Force Base 4: Commander, Chief Of Centre Division Installed

Colonel Ossomba Etienne and Navy Captain Megueri Bang Marcel were commissioned yesterday by the Secretary of State in charge of Ex-Service Men and War Victims.  

On behalf of the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence, the Secretary of State at the Ministry of Defense in charge of Ex-Service Men and War Victims, Koumpa Issa has installed the Commander of the Yaounde Air Force Base 4 and the Chief of the Centre Division in charge of Ex-Service Men and War Victims.

Colonel Ossomba Etienne and Navy Captain Megueri Bang Marcel took up their functions yesterday, March 19, 2018 after an installation ceremony following their appointment on February 21, 2018 by President Paul Biya. Colonel Ossomba Etienne, formerly Commander of the Douala Air Force Base 201 takes over from Colonel Mvondo Menyengue who was promoted as Major-General in the Air Force. Navy Captain Megueri Bang Marcel on his part replaces Colonel Akono Mvondo Bill now Technical Adviser N° 1 at the Ministry of Defence.

Encouraging them to protect State institutions, Koumpa Issa said they should equally be very disciplined and professional in their mission of preserving territorial integrity. “There is need to work in a well-coordinated strategy, rigour and professionalism for the protection of persons and property at this given time in our country. We are faced with security challenges in the Far North caused by Boko Haram, the situation in the North West and South West Regions, kidnapping and hostage taking, poaching, and maritime insecurity. There is therefore need to preserve an atmosphere of collaboration with the population for a guarantee to security,” he stated.

To Navy Captain Megueri, he said assistance to ex-service men and war victims should be regular. The Secretary of State urged him to constantly see to the wellbeing of ex-service men in accordance with the law for their patriotism in servicing the nation and contributing to the promotion of peace.

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