Wum: HRH Bah-Mbi III, 25 years of Aghem Clan Leaderhip

The senior citizen is solidly behind local initiatives which trigger the Socio-Cultural development of Aghem land

The Aghem clan, domineering inhabitants of Wum subdivision, sets the pace in traditional leadership with HRH Mathias Bah-Mbi III on the throne as the paramount traditional ruler. His majesty Bah-Mbi III emerges as the 14th paramount Fon of Aghem after Bah Mbi II, Wallang, Bah Mbi I, Amumbi, Enah Songho, Muambei, Waneikum etc. On February 24th2017, he will clock 25 years on the throne of the clan that is about 400 years old. His palace is distinct with its patrilineal succession pattern in a Subdivision, where matrilineal succession is largely the tradition. 

The Fon, husband and father of over 20 wives and some 100 children, is the custodian of Aghem customs and traditions. He is the traditional pathfinder of Aghem people whose origin is traced to Munchi land in Nigeria. HRH Mathias Bah Mbi III also takes credit as a senior citizen who served the nation as a Treasury Accountant in Buea, Tombel, Bafousam, Yaounde and Bamenda before a premature retirement some 20 years ago.

Back in Aghem land, he oversees traditions, customs and performs rituals that take inhabitants forward in fertility, peace and development. His fondom features traditional dances that inspire during traditional and public occasions like the ‘Ufuen’ Queen mothers dance, ‘Keboum’ and the « Duah ». HRH Mathias Bah Mbi III is also recognized as a frontline development agent. His palace has been instrumental in reducing the killer HIV/AIDS in the community. His traditional council often takes initiatives that enhance hygiene and sanitation. He is solidly by the Aghem Cultural and Development Association (ACADA), which crusades for the revival of Aghem culture and the development of the clan.

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