Wrestling: Zounkeu Bodoin, Champion Of Cameroon

The finals of the 2017 professional wrestling championship took place in Yaounde on Saturday July 22.


The premises of the Yaounde Multipurpose Sports Complex were exceptionally busy last Friday July 21, 2017. The event was the national finals of the 2017 professional wrestling championship. The completion marked the end of the 2017 wrestling season in Cameroon.

The competition christened “Puissance Catch: the night of fire” was equally intended to designate athletes who will represent the country in international competitions.

The athletes competed in the middle weight, heavy weight and the super heavy weight categories. The competition began with an exhibition fight which opposed Maitre Noudem Michel, the Number One Kun tender against three other wresters. The goal is to enable Maitre Noudem Michel to reassure his fans of his ambition to reconquer the African title next year; a title left by Cameroon’s Super Makia.  Michel Noudem lost the away phase of the fight in 2015 in Yaounde against Nigerian wrestler, Pawer Lee.

In the super heavy weight category Zounkeu Boudoin 138kg alias “EL Kass” beat Alain Tazo alias “L’Animal” to emerge champion. The winner, Zounkeu Bodoin will represent Cameroon in the African Boxing Championship in Nigeria in 2018. In the heavy weight category, Pinah Humphrey Sunjo alias Buffalo beat Noudem Alain roger alias “The Wolf”. In another fight in the heavy weight category Talla Cedrick alias Kirikou beat Simen guy alias “Black Tiger” and Mbah Patrice alias Bounga beat Lukong Chrispine alias “Chrispine”. In the women’s middle weight category Pone Vadex alias “La Diva Vadex” beat Loveline Mpesse alias “Arc-en-Cielle”.

The President of Cameroon Professional Wrestling Federation, Maître Ndo Emmanuel, expressed satisfaction with the performance of the athletes throughout the season. He expressed hope that the Cameroonian athletes will represent the country valuably in the Intercontinental Championship in Nigeria.

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