Work-related Accidents, Cause For Concern

According to CNPS statistics, over 2,700 such accidents were recorded in Cameroon in 2014.


Statistics from the International Labour Organisation reveal that over two million people die each year around the world from work-related accidents, with more than half in developing countries. The National Social Insurance Fund says industrial accidents killed about 2,792 people in Cameroon in 2014, with over Two billion FCFA spent on treatment and compensation. Meanwhile, road accidents claim at least 1,200 lives yearly.

Concerned by the aforementioned statistics, the Société Camerounaise de Sécurité et Santé au Ttravail, SCSST, organised the second international forum to help curb work-related accidents in emerging countries. The forum gathered health and security experts from 13 countries, including Benin, Burkina Faso, CAR, Congo, France, Gabon, Guinea and Senegal among others. Participants discussed the theme, “Stakes and Challenges of Health and Safety at Work Place for Emerging Countries.”

Opening the event, the Secretary General in the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Johny Razack, said work places should not be a menace to workers. He enjoined forum participants to come up with proposals that will curb health and safety risks in work places. The President of SCSST, Dr Joseph Dieuboue, said manufacturing, construction, agriculture and transport were most affected by accidents and occupational diseases. It is hoped that henceforth, insurance cover for workers and corporate social responsibility of companies will improve as well as the prevention and management of professional risks.

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