Women Scramble to lose weight

Staying healthy requires maintaining a healthy body weight, losing weight as a result or healthy reasons is good but doing it for aesthetic reasons might  poses  a problem. From the look of things more and more women are in the weight lose business than men. Losing weight is good as it decrees the risk of diabetes, heart diseases, lower blood pressure; improve mobility, improved blood sugar level. In addition, Medical Doctors explained that conditions such as type 2 diabetes are less likely to develop if an obese person loses 10% of their weight. Weight loss can also help if a person already has high blood pressure or types 2 diabetes. Weight loss in overweight or obese people will also reduce the likelihood of having stroke, or obesity-related cancers all of which can be life-threatening. 

Away from health reasons, most women would want to lose weight because they think that they would look appealing than when they are fat. On the streets of Douala, out of the seven women CT talk too only one gave medical reasons for losing weight. Marie Louise Ketcham, said she went in for weight lose therapy because her husband complained that she was getting to fat for his liking. “I didn’t want to lose my husband to another woman so I went in for pills so as to lose weight and it worked for me”. Meanwhile Seraphine Kezu said each time she has an occasion she delve in to weight lose therapy so that she will fit in her dress well. “I don’t have a fix body size it fluctuate from time to time, but I always feel confident when I am slim”, she concluded.”

 Their reasons are varied and most of them take different therapies to lose weight. While some simply control their diet and increases exercises, others go in for pills. Some days back a girl is said to have messed up herself in Logbaba Douala after she consumed some concoction meant to lose weight. The said concoction is said to have provoke her bowels that forced her to mess up herself in a taxi. Other passengers and the driver couldn’t bare the stench and she was forced out of the taxi.

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