Women March Past For Peace, Sustainable Dev’t

They graced events to mark the International Women’s Day in the country in a meaningful march-past of hope to the female folks at the 20th May Boulevard in Yaounde.

2018 International Women’s Day is now history. But the messages women in Cameroon brandished at the 20th May Boulevard in Yaounde yesterday March 8, 2018, to grace the day has entered the annals of history not only in the country but the world at large.

Some 65,000 women in Yaounde joined the First Lady of the country, Chantal Biya, to tell the world through songs and posters that they are reliable partners for the sustainable development of the country which, according to them can be achieved only through a win-win partnership between men and women.

During the over three-hours march-past, women waved different messages most of which focused on the theme of the celebration: “Intensify the fight against discrimination on women, strengthen partnership to speed up sustainable development.” It began at 11:30 a.m. when the presidential motorcade announced the arrival of the First Lady into the site of the 20th May grandstand.

Divided in ten large groups, women in Yaounde, in one of their banners said, “No to discrimination towards women, yes to the empowerment of more women for a faster attainment of the sustainable development goals.

” The women did not just say they are important for the sustainable development of the country but also gave some indications which will help them better play their role as development partners. As such, the women lifted a message which read “No to conflict, no to forced marriages and yes to the involvement of women in decision making in order to attain an emerging country by 2035.”

The women also cried for peace in the country. Not only did they reveal that they are beggars for peace in Cameroon, but they also carried the effigy of the Head of State, whom they said is a man of peace and friend of women.

They thanked President Paul Biya for the courageous actions he has taken to maintain peace and stability in the country. The female folk also decried instability in the country and called for a united and indivisible Cameroon through a banner: “we are all one, North, South, West or East, let’s stretch out our hands and help each other.”

Female religious groups used verses from the Holy Bible such as James 3:16, to pray against jealousy and contention which brings unrest in a country. The women, particularly those from the Glory of Christ Church in Yaounde presented the four keys for an emerging nation which are “love, forgiveness, reconciliation, and sanctification.”

While women from the North West Region made known that they have decided to break all challenges and overcome all obstacles, those with special needs said Mrs Chantal Biya’s humanitarian actions are beautiful and highly appreciated by all. But, they however underscored that, the theme of this year’s celebration is a challenge to humanity.

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