West : Workers Rewarded at Regional Hospital

Governor Awa Fonka Augustine, of the West region, has expressed his sincere gratitude, on behalf of the Government, to the staff of some 15 services of the Bafoussam regional hospital that distinguished themselves as hardworking and best serving services of the hospital for 2018. The Governor also used the occasion to wish farewell to some 17 medical staff of the hospital who are going on retirement.

Awa Fonka, said considering that “Good health is wealth” those who have devoted and spend their time towards the protection of the lives of the most vulnerable sectors of the population  must be appreciated. He told the outstanding staff who won prizes at the “Excellence Day” organized by the management of the hospital, that their selection as best services was eloquent testimony of the loyalty and love they showed for the suffering and to a larger extend the national institutions they are called to serve.

For his part, the Director of the regional hospital, Dr. Fetse Tama  Gerard, said that prizes changed from individual benefits to services as a means to encourage togetherness and better output among the staff. He said even though must of some of the reforms in the hospital were radical; it helped to bring order in many sectors of the hospital. Dr. Fetse, said to meet the aspiration of patients many conventions were signed with foreign partners who brought in expert knowledge to improve output.

The ceremony ended with an award of a special prize offered by the Minister of Public Health, Mama Fouda, to Djam Sokmak Frank, journalist working with CRTV Pouala FM, Bafoussam for donating blood as many as 72 times, to serve lives.

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