West: Pig Farmers Drilled On African Swine Fever Virus

Bafoussam (Mifi)-Livestock farmers in the West Region, involved in pig production and farming have ended a one day capacity building seminar to acquaint themselves on better ways of preventing animal diseases, like the African swine fever virus and other diseases that affect pigs and other domestic animals.

The seminar that brought together over 200 livestock farmers, was jointly organized by an animal feed production industry “Sociètè des Provenderies du Cameroun”(SPC) and a pig farmer  organization, “Interprofession de la filiere orcine de l’Ouest”(IPORCO).took place in Bafoussam on 2,June,2017.

 Addressing the livestock farmers, IPORCO national president, who coordinated the training workshop, Bernard Souop Nguetchoussi, revealed that pig production in Cameroon in general and West region in particular is a source  of empowering the poor,as the sector offer them immediate income opportunities, as no academic certificate is needed to practice the profession. He said livestock has a major role to play in sustaining hunger and starvation among smallholder livestock farmers, adding that in spite of its importance the sector is often overlooked. Souop blamed such situation to the lack of technical knowledge and management skills, particularly at local levels. He said the capacity building workshop will help strengthen the farmers’ management skills.

Earlier, the general manager of SPC, Bark Buytaert, said the management of pig diseases  and treating these diseases remain a priority. Pig diseases he noted, spread from one place to another, via waste uncooked pork products fed to pigs, adding that when this virulent strains enter into pigs it causes serious effects with the majority of pigs dying. Bark said SPC hired an expert from Belgium, Dr. Geert de Wolf, nutritionist and veterinarian to drill pig farmers on management control and prevention.

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