West: Forest School Goes Operational

Bafoussam (Mifi) – Calm has been restored in the “ Centre  de Formation Aux Metiers de la Foresterie d’Afrique Centrale” in Bafoussam, after the Minister of Employment and Vocational  Training, Zacharie Perevet signed a ministerial order authorizing the effective functioning of the training center.

Before the signing, the institution has had months of un-glued atmosphere that flamed the spirit of violence among the students that resulted in material damaged in part of the school campus.

The Minister Arrêté stated clearly that the center must function under all legality and with strict respect to Government prescribed roles. Another Ministerial arrêté signed on, 8, August, 2017, instructed the Governor of the West region, and other stake holders involved in professional and vocational training in the region to make sure the training center   work productively in peace and safety, and that the students must acquire adequate educational and vocational training opportunities that will make them find avenues to future success. Main time one illegal Forest and vocational center based in Bafoussam has been held responsible for the conflict, after Government ordered it to be shot down.

The proprietor of the “Centre  de Formation aux métiers  de la foresterie d’Afrque central”, Kuate Serge Stephane, during a crisis meeting chaired by  Governor Awa Fonka Augustine, recently, thanked the Governor for the tactful manner of handling the manifold problems plaguing the institution.

He said graduates of the center were doing extremely well professionally, adding that reports from their employers indicated that the ex-students were creditworthy.

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