West: 50 Million FCFA For Reforestation In Tonga

Bafoussam (Mifi). The sum of 50million FCFA has been disbursed by the Tonga council to reforest some 50hectares of land in some 22 villages in Tonga subdivision of the Ne Division in the West region. The three years reforestation development programme, is thanks to an economic partnership agreement signed between the council  and (French debt relief and development contract) better known in French as C2D, that has offered  financial assistance worth 40million FCFA to support the Tonga council.

Presenting the project in Tonga on 24 April,  2017, during the signing of the convention with C2D, mayor Bitchebe Desire Raphael, said although the negations were complex because it needed political resolve from all frons an agricultural investment required large scale land acquisition; contact with village heads and local smallholders collaboration for such joint venture was imperative. He said the project is expected to last three years to have a sustainable forest management integration approach in the subdivision. Bitchebe explained that the project will help in poverty eradication among the population, create employment for some 80 youths, and promote agroforestry in the Tonga council area.

He revealed further that the C2D will donate 40million FCFA and the council will raise 10million FCFA; while ANAFOR and PNDP and other development partners will contribute expert knowledge, for the project to maximize economic benefits.

Chairing the signing ceremony the 1st, Assistant SDO for Nde division, Ayissi Mvogo Laurent, said promoting reforestation in favour of economic growth is not counterproductive but beneficial to socio-economic development. He reminded the youths to be recruited that the council was offering them immediate income opportunity, considering that for three years they will plant and harvest crops, receive farm input from the council and other financial benefits.

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