Weightlifting: Bulgare Triumphs In Clubs Championship

The first edition of the weightlifting clubs tournament took place recently in Yaounde


More and more Cameroonians are getting interested in weightlifting. The first edition of the weightlifting clubs tournament in Cameroon took place in Yaounde recently. Organised by the Cameroon Weightlifting Federation, the competition brought together 12 weightlifting clubs from across the country.

The competition took place outdoors even though it is an indoor sport. It was an opportunity for the public to discover new talents in a sport that is reserved only for the strongest. The athletes competed in both the male and the female categories.  In the men’s competition 105kg category,cClub won gold in the clean and jerk after lifting 187kg and scoring 333 points. In the senior women’s competition, Meukegni Clementine was the first in the clean and jerk lifting 120kg.

At the end of the competition, Bulgare weightlifting club was the first with 741.68 points. They were followed by Dalton weightlifting club 702.84 and HAC weightlifting club 605.29 points. In the women’s classification, WBC weightlifting club was first with 572 points. Dalton weightlifting club has 532.54 points and Bulgare weightlifting club has 391.76 points.

The men’s national team coach, Clement Mballa, said the competition was an initiative of the clubs to give the athletes a chance to improve on their performances. He said the athletes are hesitant because they had stopped training three months ago and they did not take part in the African Weightlifting Championship. That alone has affected their performances but with the performance of Essama Joel hopes are high that they can do better in the World Championships. The competition equally served as preparations for the Cup of Cameroon which will take place on September 23, 2017.

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