« We Need To Promote The African Culture »

HRM Mafany Njie Martin, President of Intercultural Group of Traditional Chiefdoms (CULUTRAC).

His Royal Highness, what is the object of your visit to the Cameroon News and Publishing Cooperation (SOPECAM)?

We have a project and it is to sensitise Cameroonians about our culture. The African culture is very rich and celebrated at international levels.  We therefore solicit SOPECAM to help use through its media platform to educate the population on the importance of our culture. We need to be proud of our culture at every sphere of it ranging from dressing to dancing and traditional dishes which give African its uniqueness. Until you travel, you keep underestimating the importance of culture which is an impeccable element of national integration. Cameroon is a united nation and every individual should endeavor to fit in our cultural context. Our intentions are geared are improving the African culture and a support to actions of the Commission on the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism. 

Besides the use of classical media, what other strategies are you using to give the African culture its deserved value?

Our association has decided to organise holiday camps for Prince and Princesses of the different chiefdoms across the country and they will be moving from one region to the other. This exchange visits enable them learn, understand and master their cultures and that of other regions. This is one of the reasons why we met with the Minister of Basic Education to advocate the inclusion of such a programme which will permit our children visit other cultural areas of the country and understand our various cultures.

What are some of the core values your will focus on promoting?

We have a catalogue of ideas which need to be revamped spanning from dressing to mannerism. Our culture does not encourage indecent dressing which is very popular amongst the youthful populations. Traditional dressing rather commands respect and sends across powerful signals of being disciplined. We are therefore trying to encourage proper dressing and mannerism. In addition, we are advocating a practice of more African values.

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