“We Have a Serious Problem Of Personnel”

Professor Jean Marie Kasia, Director General of the Hospital Centre for Applied Research, Endoscopic Surgery and Human Reproduction (CHRACERH).

What has been the latest happenings at the centre over the past days?

We had three women who came to the hospital. One had a set of triplets, the other a set of twins and the third, a single baby. We had six babies that had to be delivered today. This is too much for a morning to deliver six babies conceived through In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF). This is a very good result for us and we are happy. However, one of the interventions this morning was a delicate situation. Generally, we always hospitalise the women, one week before their delivery date. This is to ensure that they are calm with no major problem. However, we had a surprising situation. The lady with the twin babies began convulsing. The doctor on call immediately took her blood pressure and urine. It was observed that her pressure was slightly high and there was nothing in her urine. This called for an immediate surgical intervention because we saw that it was preeclampsia. Her pressure was not too high but because of the delicate condition, we had to act fast to safe the mother and the babies. The surgical intervention went on well and the health of the mother is okay alongside that of the babies whose weights are normal.

Activities at CHRACERH seem to be going at a very rapid rate. How do you hope to handle the fast pace of events?

There are many things we need to do. We do not have only IVF events. We have to raise the activities on cancer issues and surgeries have to multiple by three. But the main problem we have is that of personnel. Not only that of nurses but doctors who can handle problems and operate patients. We need a staff that can produce because we cannot make a hospital only with nurses. For a good hospital to exist, we need those who are producing and those who can accompany those producing. It is a team work and for now, we do not have enough people who can produce. We use to receive young doctors and when they came, they do not have enough experience. We had to capacitate all the young doctors before using them effectively. We are in the process of training young doctors but I know this will take two to three years. I am confident we are going to make a good team. 

What is the hospital target for the year?

Talking about the IVF session, we hope to achieve 70 to 100 babies by the end of the year. I think we are going to achieve the objective. If in one morning, we have six babies, I think by the end of the year, we can attain our objective. It is definite that at the end of the year, the First Lady will be happy to come and see many more babies born through IVF.

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