“We Are Trying To Perfect Everyting”

Ekombe née Wanki Pascaline, Director of the Limbe Omnisports Stadium.

What is the state of preparedness of the Limbe Omnisport Stadium?

The Limbe Omnisports Stadium is one of the structures put in place by the state for the organisation of the 2016 and the 2019 AFCON. We were privileged to successfully host the 2016 Female AFCON matches. Now we are preparing and trying to perfect everything to have a better hosting of the 2019 AFCON. The stadium is ready for full use.

What do you have in this stadium that makes you believe it can host international matches?

We have the administrative block which has four dressing rooms that meet up to the CAF standard to permit two matches run on the same day. We also have in the administrative block, the doping control room. There are the VIP lounges which are compulsory in any modern stadium for reception of the VIP before and after the matches. In the main block also, there are offices for all CAF officials like match delegates, commissioners, ball pickers etc. There is the conference room for press conferences. We have the technical area which control water for the irrigation of the playground, the toilets and other offices. There is wireless internet service and a standby generator in case of blackout. The playground is superb. The Limbe Omnisports Stadium has an ultramodern sound system for communication and four lighting towers to permit matches at night. To crown it all, the roofing of the West Wing Tribune has just been completed. In short everything is in place.

Are there any complementary grounds to the Limbe Omnisport Stadium?

Yes, there are five complementary grounds. A stadium is not complete without a training ground. For the Limbe Omnisport Stadium, there are five complementary training grounds. We have the Limbe Omnisport Annex, Middle Farms and the Centenary Stadia in Limbe. In Buea, there are The Buea Town Green Field and Molyko Omnisport Stadium which are already.

What is lacking in the Limbe Omnisports Stadium?

There are other little things that we would have loved to have such as the two additional substitution benches. In a modern stadium like this one, they are supposed to be four but we only have two. The stadium does not have a bore hole but the authority of the Cameroon Water Corporation has assured us of constant water flow before, during and after 2019 AFCON. For those minute aspects, the list of the items has been forwarded to the Minister of Sports and Physical Education. So we will correct them in no time.

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