“We Are Doing Underground Work On The Field”

Alice Sadio, National President of the Alliance of Progressive Forces (APF).

How is the current state of the Alliance of Progressive Forces (APF)?

The Alliance of Progressive Forces is strong with a perfect healthy situation and moving forward. The number of sympathisers the APF is grabbing on the field is amazing. People now understand that the party is the place to be for those who like change. This is because the APF has shown the example on the field. Our challenge now is to transform the sympathisers to militants and then turn them into candidates in the upcoming elections. You have just talked about elections.

How is the APF preparing for the different elections expected in 2018 ?

We are doing underground work on the field in order to compete in as many councils and constituencies as possible. In politics, strategies are important. Our strategy is to sensitise citizens and turn them into militants. We are also sensitising our militants by training them to be good, performing and competitive candidates in the various elections. As the elections draw closer, the Alliance of Progressive Forces convention would take place during which the candidates for the elections would be nominated.

Are there particular target groups as the party prepares for the elections?

We encourage women to take their own share of democracy and good governance at the national and local levels by being interested in politics and subsequently being nominated as candidates in the party. To be sincere, I trust women as the dispensation of men in politics has caused a lot of trouble. Our target, encouragement and sensitisation will spur women to come in their numbers so that we can improve on the situation of our people. We will put efforts to bring in more women and youths into the APF.

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