Water Supply: Akomnyada’s Additional 35,000 Cubic Metres Available

The management team of the Cameroon Water Utilities Corporation was on the plant on October 6, 2016.


The Akomnyada Water Treatment Plant in the Nyong and So’o Division of the Centre Region under extension with additional 35,000 cubic metres per day is now functional. The management of the Cameroon Water Utilities Corporation, CAMWATER, says Yaounde dwellers can at last drink potable water from the plant’s extension plant sequel to the end of technical trials on water from the Nyong River.

CAMWATER’s General Manager, Alphonse Roger Ondoa Akoa, and a team of experts were at the plant on Friday October 6, 2016, where they expressed a sigh of relief after confirming that the much-awaited project was completed. The delegation also visited the Akomnyada Water Treatment Plant Extension under construction by American experts from which Yaounde households are expected to receive additional 55,000 cubic metres per day of treated water to the Akomnyada Water Treatment Plant.

Yaounde now enjoys over 185,000 cubic metres of potable water per day with 100,000 cubic metres coming from the old Akomnyada Plant and 50,000 from the Mefou plant in Nkolbisson.

The major challenge now is that of distributing the water to households, the GM of CAMWATER GM pointed out. Rehabilitation and construction works are also underway in the city to step up access to quality water to households from the Akomnyada Plant. The management of CAMWATER has stated inter-alia that efforts are underway to ensure that water scarcity becomes history in the nation’s capital. Some other of projects for the smooth distribution of water are on course, it was revealed.

Prominent amongst them is reinforcement work on primary and secondary networks at the Fouda (Nkolondoum) zone for Emana, Gold and northern Olembe neighbourhoods. The water tanks of Djoungolo and Atemengue (Ngoa-Ekelle) are being rehabilitated to add to some that are being constructed. Other tertiary works of over 350 km are also underway to strengthen and extend the water supply network in the nation’s capital.


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