Washing Machine For Better Service Delivery

As a means to help fight against the Coronavirus pandemic in Cameroon, members of the “Association des anciens du College « La Retraite »” dubbed AGERE offered a washing machine to the Yaounde Central Hospital on April 13, 2020. The gift with a capacity of 14kg and two sides ; one for washig and the other for drying of garments was handed over to the Director General of the Yaounde Central hospital, Pr. Fouda Rene Joseph by the Vice President of the AGERE association, Didier Manga.

The Vice president of the associatin said the reason for the gift was the fact that the Central Hospital was one of the centres that received many cases of the Coronavirus and they thought it wise to help them in their own little way. He added that the machine was to help in the washing of garments of doctors taking care of covid-19 patients. The Vice President said « not only Covid-19 patients need care, those taking care of them equally do.»

The Director of the Central hospital said the gesture comes at a time when the country is in constant fight against the Coronavirus. He added that over 250 hospital beds have been freed so as to welcome new patients, and as such the need to wash the bed sheets and change them for future us. He expressed gratitude towards the association and said it was a relieve not only for patients but equally for doctors who are constantly in contact with these persons. He used the opportunity to encourage other Cameroonians to join them in the efforts towards solving a problem that concerns everyone.

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