US Elections: Candidates Revise Winning Strategies

Opinion polls put the two main candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton running neck-to-neck.


As November 8, 2016, the date for the presidential election in the United States of America to replace outgoing President Barack Obama draws near, the main candidates are adopting every necessary strategy to increase their winning chances.

US presidential poll tracker average of the last five polls published by RealClearPolitics puts Republican party nominee, Donald Trump slightly above the Democratic party candidate, Hillary Clinton. The polls updated on September 18, 2016 indicate that Mr Trump has 45.6 per cent, while Mrs Clinton has 43.8 per cent. The Telegraph newspaper states that following a series of gaffes, the Republican nominee, Mr Trump had seen Clinton get ahead in the polls again. Mrs Clinton, the Democratic flag bearer saw her ranking dropped as she faced pressure over her health as she fainted in public after suffering from pneumonia.

With regard to the conduct of the campaigns, POLITICO review of campaign spending stated that Hillary Clinton has invested seven times the amount of money on TV commercials as her Republican rival and has established twice as many field offices in many of the states that will decide who wins the presidency. The review further says that in many battlegrounds, Mrs Clinton has dozens more organizers than Mr Trump. The Republican party nominee has reportedly made serious headway in a number of battlegrounds in recent days.


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