University of Buea: Life Returns On Campus

The number of students in ‘the place to be’ has continued to increase following a call for lecturers to return to classes.

Classes in the University of Buea witnessed more students yesterday 27 March 2017 following the declaration by the Buea University, (UB) SYNES chapter president, Professor Abangma James Arrey that the strike action they started on 21 November, 2016 should be suspended. The call which he made last Friday urged the teachers and students of the institution to return school while government seeks solutions to the issues raised by the Anglophone teacher trade unions.

Cameroon Tribune visited the campus of the University of Buea yesterday and met students coming out of the Amphitheatre 150. Although most of them were shy to talk to the press about their classes they could be seen moving around or going out of the campus. Also the volley court was busy with students taking sports courses.

News of the suspension of the strike was received with mixed satisfaction by those who have been attending courses at the university without being sure that things could return to normal within the university. Many had depended so much on speculations about the whereabouts of the leaders of the trade unions who remained invisible for the past months. With the sudden appearance of Professor Abangma last Friday to call off the strike more students came on campus yesterday and many are likely to join as the week unfolds.

Speaking to Cameroon Tribune at the University yesterday, Professor Abangma James Arrey President of UB chapter of SYNES said; “I am already in campus prepared to teach.” He added that he had a pre-defence of a Master Degree thesis in Political Science which was postponed to today Tuesday. Some of the students were around him discussing last minutes preparation. At the Faculty of Art, many students were seen coming out of their Translation classes.




Professor Abangma James Arrey: “I Had Programmed Three Defences”

Lecturer UB

“The number of students is increasing, but we know that by Wednesday the campus will be full. There were some classes. I had programmed three defences which have been shifted to 9 A.M. on Tuesday. Academic activities will pick up as some students who were out of town are coming in. Even the Lecturers who were not around are coming in.”


Cham Victor: “I Received The News With Great Joy”

Student UB

“I received the news of the strike suspension with great joy. It will go a long way to rekindle hope in the minds of students who had given up. It is a positive step for our educational growth. Let’s move on while hoping that other unfinished business that orchestrated the strike is handled by competent authorities.”


Dr. Sango Martin Ndeh:  “I Think The Entire Lecturer Corps Was There”

Lecturer UB

“Following the call made by the President of SYNES last Friday, I came to teach today. I have been all day in campus. The information to call off the strike came at short notice. I have actually seen new faces in campus. I think the entire lecturer corps was there. For the students, they are still returning from where they were.

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