University of Buea: Attendance Gradually Increasing

The SYNES members are confident that the numbers would continue to swell


Tuesday saw many more students in the campus of the University of Buea following the strike-break announced by SYNES UB chapter President, Professor Abangma James Arrey, last Friday. Masters’ Degree theses defences programmed last Monday were rescheduled on Tuesday at 9 am with Professor Abangma effectively acting as supervisor. The Administrative block was busy with occupants over papers in offices as well as holding meetings. The sports ground was occupied with students on sports courses as well as the amphitheatres hosted classes. Many more new faces were seen in campus as testified by Lecturers closed to SYNES. The main entrance of UB appeared busier than before with guards having much more to do with more visitors. Many other authorities contacted simply asked Journalists to go round and see things for themselves. An insider voiced that although not up to 20 percent of students were yet on campus he was hopeful that they would gradually colonise the amphis in the days ahead. The students return augurs for greater social warmth and economic regain in the University area of Molyko. teach.




Daniel Akuli: “The Attendance Is More Than Before”

Level 200 science student, UB

 “I came to school today to verify for myself because there have been rumours and counter rumours about the resumption or non resumption of classes. I heard about the uplifting of the strike and so therefore came to see for myself. I realized the attendance this time is more than before but not as much as was the case when the academic year started. At least things are improving in terms of attendance. We have had Chemistry classes but the other lecturers just come and give us notes to photocopy. We come sometimes and the lecturers don’t come at other times it is the reverse as teachers come but the students do not turn up enough for classes to hold.”




Jordan Christophe: “There Has Been A Remarkable Improvement”

First year science student UB

“Though the attendance is not as much as before the strike action, there has been a remarkable improvement. When the academic year began the attendance was three or four times more than what we have now. However, the attendance today (28 March, 2017) is more than yesterday which gives some hope that the resumption is now for real. Out of the three classes we were supposed to have on Monday only one took place in Chemistry you look at the number of students roaming about the campus there is sign that things are gradually returning to normal.”v


Lingondo Joseph: “The Resumption is Quite Effective”

Post graduate student UB Educational foundation and Administration

“The resumption is quite effective. You can see for yourself the students already coming in and classes began even before the uplifting of the strike. It is good for us to be back in school and study after this long break but one of the disturbing factors now is that we don’t have the Internet. As a researcher, we need the Internet. We cannot work without the Internet as we use it for our research. So if government can reinstate the Internet, this will enable us to study effectively. However, I must tell you that classes have resumed and its quite serious judging from the flux of students back on campus.”


 Berrl Belviane:  “The Attendance Has Improved”

First year student UB

“To me there is not much difference because many teachers are not yet present. When they even come it is to give out handouts for us to photocopy. We spend time photocopying documents without knowing what purpose it serves. At times we have classes and at other times the teachers don’t come. We don’t even write the exams. We have not had the continuous assessment exams yet. The attitude of the lecturers is demoralising the students as many who came before and realised there were not classes are reluctant to come while the others say they have just come to see if classes are actually going on. However, the attendance this time has improved as compared to the other time when it was announced that the strike action had been lifted.

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