University Of Bamenda: Courses That Create Jobs, Inspire Hope

The university offers a wide variety of professional courses, resulting in job absorption.

The University of Bamenda, which was founded by the Presidential Decree of December 10, 2010 as an Anglo-Saxon institution, is today the major destination for professional courses. As a centre of learning and innovation, the university is built on the triple mission of teaching, research and service to the community.

In effect, the university is peculiar for its professional approach to thousands of youths in search of opportunities in business and employment. The Higher Teachers’ Training College, HTTC and the Higher Technical Teachers’ Training College, HTTTC, train for the Public Service. The Faculty of Health Sciences is another safe destination for the training of Medical Doctors and Nurses to enhance the nation’s healthcare. The business  world looks up to the Higher Institute of Commerce and Management, HICM,  which trains students in Accountancy and Finance, Marketing and Insurance, while the College of Technology produces graduates to serve the rural world.

The university also boasts the lone Transport School in the country. Away from this, the University of Bamenda imparts knowledge in various disciplines for students who enroll for self development and that of society. The faculties of the university have also become centres of attraction for many students from within the region and beyond. In its mission of research, the University of Bamenda conducts research to solve problems and expand knowledge, while its outreach is inspired by the conviction that collaboration between universities and other public or private institutions has always been mutually beneficial and needs to be encouraged. It is against this backdrop that the university currently mentors 20 private higher institutes of learning in the country.

University Of Bamenda

Creation: Decree No. 2010 of December, 10, 2010

Enrolment: About 19,000 students in 20016/2017

Classrooms: About 10,500 seats available

Staff strength: 160 permanent staff, 200 visiting lecturers and over 600 part-time lecturers

Outreach: UBa currently mentors 20 public and private institutes of higher learning

Faculties and Schools:  10  (Faculties of Science, Health Sciences, Economics and Management Sciences, Law and Political Science, Arts, HTTC, HTTTC, HICM, College of Technology, Higher Institute of Tourism and Logistics, etc.)

Source: University of Bamenda


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