University of Bamenda: Community of Students, Lecturers Living Together

Living together is a way of life in the State University of Bamenda.

Created on the strength of Presidential Decree N° 2010/371 of 14th December, 2010 the State University of Bamenda does not only excel in the promotion of Anglo Saxon education but fine tunes it to the nation’s bicultural character. Away from being a University outfit, it is a community of Cameroonians from virtually all the regions who are in the Bambili Campus to enhance teaching and learning.

From the look of its 12 Faculties and schools, the University of Bamenda enrolls and recruits both Anglophones and Francophones with acceptable knowledge of the English language. On Campus and on the streets of Bambili, passersby hear a lot of Spoken English and French from students, lecturers and administrators.

Classrooms entertain students from virtually all the regions and the common denominator is the delivery of lectures in English. They freely mix in Amphi theatres, photo copy areas, sport playgrounds, markets, entertainment corners and above all, they share common Mini Cites.

But for diverse student union activities, some of which feature tribal colours away from the campus, the University of Bamenda is an institution par excellence that promotes living together.

Management positions in the University also feature people from different regions and the sum total is a situation where education emerges as a catalyst for community life. In effect, the neighbourhood people of Bambili, Bambui, Nkwen, Mendankwe and Mankon that harbour the students, lecturers and Managers of the University of Bamenda sound off in hospitality which is evident in peaceful co-existence.

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