UN Displays Presence In Cameroon

Activities of the outfit in the country were x-rayed in an open door exhibition at the Yaounde University I on October 23, 2017. 

An evaluation of the state of achievement relating to the Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, adopted by the United Nations in 2015 centered on the open door activities to mark the 72nd edition of the outfit’s day. Organised at the Yaounde University I on October 23, 2017, different UN agencies present in the country participated in activities to highlight their contributions towards helping the country attain its goal. With the participation of the government, civil society organisations and the general public, the objective of the open door activities were tailored at raising awareness on the activities of the UN in the nation and get appropriate feedback on the level of accomplishments in the different SDGs. Speaking at the exhibition points, Resident Coordinator of United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Allegra Baiocchi, said Cameroon is advancing positively in an effort to realise the 17 goals on the SDGs agenda. She stated that the country had successfully completed the prioritisation phase of the goals and will therefore in the near future direct resources towards their realisation for the collective benefit of all. With the target in Cameroon aimed at having a poverty-free country, reduction in fear and violence, promotion in the respect of human rights, she said, the United Nations will therefore continue to collaborate with the government to see that the goals are reached within the stated timeframe. Allegra Baiocchi clearly said the UN and its family of agencies present in the country are engaged in a vast array of work that seeks to improve the lives and living standards of everybody. “The United Nations is very present in Cameroon in multidimensional disciplines. We are involved in the promotion of good health, education, and environmental protection as well as humanitarian actions. Our priority areas of intervention are the Adamawa, East, North and Far North regions given that these are the regions most vulnerable and most affected,” she stated. The UN Resident Coordinator urged all partners to actively partake for the target to be reached and the development.

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