Tumassang Walters: “Hard Working, Law Abiding People”


What makes Nwa Sub Division different from others in the North West region?

 Nwa Sub Division shares a very long border with the Sarduna local government area of Taraba State in Nigeria. It is a sub Division that harbours very calm and peaceful people spread in 42 villages before seven other villages were ceded to the sub Division on the strength of the Green Tree Accord following the ICJ verdict. The villages include; Amba, Inkiri, Antere, Ncha III, Manchua and part of Bang. Nwa sub Division is extremely large. I recently took off a month to visit all the 49 villages, sizing up their problems and encouraging efforts towards peace, hardwork and local development. The population is hospitable and law abiding.

What are the daily worries of the population?

The desire to elevate Nwa Sub Division into Divisional status is a major concern of the people. It is the central request in virtually all speeches during events. They believe that the best approach for development to come to the area is through a full Divisional status. It is a very vast area and the population sees a Division as the facility that will galvanize and step – up socio-economic activities. Away from that, the access way from Ndu Sub Division into Nwa is problematic. It used to take five days for travelers to reach out to Nwa Sub Division. Things improved with the pavement of the Rom Rock and the other access way through Sabongari. But much needs to be done. Electricity and water also constitutes daily worries. The Mfumte area enjoys the privilege of some electricity. Studies have been completed for Nwa, the capital which is still in darkness.

How would you size up the contribution of elite towards development?

I am impressed with the efforts of the elite. They have been at their best, especially in community works. They take credit for assembling stones and cement that helped in paving the stretch of the road across Rom Rock in recent times. They have been active with scholarship offers for their juniors in schools. I think the elite and the Mantung Cultural and Development Association offer a useful push for development.

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