Transfer of Resources: lack of Collaboration Affects Execution

A mission to evaluate the execution of resources transferred to the Littoral in 2017 has concluded that lack of collaboration between stakeholders in the region hindered the execution of most projects. The assessment was made at the Regional Delegation of Agriculture and Rural Development during a meeting attended by mayors, controllers, etc in Bonanjo October 31. The projects range from borehole and warehouse construction as well as the rehabilitation of earth road. Across the Divisions of the Littoral most have not been executed. Those under executions are far less than expectation. It is within this premise that the Inspector General at the Littoral Governor’s Office, Aboubakar Njikam, while opening the meeting stakeholders to ensure effective collaboration for the success of the projects in order to enhance living conditions within the communities. The Ministry carried out follow up and evaluation missions within the framework of ensuring a good execution of resources transferred to the region between 2016 and 2017. Some FCFA 738.5 million was transferred to the region in 2017. Meanwhile, some FCFA 331 million was given to councils in 2016. In 2017, PIB execution stands at 13.44 per cent.

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