Trade Fair : Syrian Businessmen Acclaim Cameroon

The operators of SMEs from Syria have expressed the wish to permanently establish in the country.

Some 14 operators of small and medium-size enterprises from Syria in the Middle East have made known their intentions to establish their enterprises in the country and carryout production on the spot. The entrepreneurs grouped under Ebla Oriental are currently exhibiting their wares at the CPDM Party House in Yaounde. The trade fair which started on Monday April 10, 2017, ends on Wednesday May 10, 2017. Going by the Syrian businessmen, since 1996 when they started coming to Cameroon for exhibitions, they have had a very good impression of the market in Cameroon.

Brought to the country by Cameroonian-born promoter, Moumbagna Amidou, the entrepreneurs say they have been marveled by the number of visitors who come to their stands. One of them put the figures at over 1,000 visitors per day. The Syrian businessmen told Cameroon Tribune that when people visit them at the exhibition ground, they don’t leave without picking up some items, an indication that there is a good demand for their products in the country. Moumbagna added that “at the end of each exhibition, local traders usually clear the leftover stocks.”

At the trade fair ground, the Syrians are exhibiting household furniture, decorative lighting systems, jewelries, cosmetic products, dresses, door and window blinds, amongst others; all of Syrian origin. The Zam Zam powder, a Syrian detergent manufactured in Cameroon is also conspicuous at the stands. Atangana Janvier, a Yaounde resident we met at the trade fair ground said he was attracted to the exhibition because he has heard of the beauty of Syrian furniture.  

Besides Cameroon, we learned the Syrian exhibitors have also been to Chad, Congo, Gabon, Chad, and Equatorial Guinea. They are expected to leave Cameroon on Thursday May 18, 2017, back to their country Syria; where they say only a small part is troublesome for business since its hit by armed conflicts. They will next come to Cameroon in December 2017, the promoter said.

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