Toying With Human Life

The wind of insecurity is blowing stronger and stronger and steadily building up an atmosphere of uncertainty across the country. The more hope of the beginning of an end is rekindled, the newer developments come up to dampen the spirit of Cameroonians. For almost three years now, the flame ignited by the outbreak of a new crisis, call it socio-political crisis in the North West and South West Regions or the Anglophone crisis, has kept the nation in a real state of political ambiguity, grappling with its own history and political checkered board. This, of course, couldn’t have been different especially for a crisis that keeps taking away human life and property at an almost alarming rate. No one will provide an exact figure as to how many people have lost their lives or give an exact amount of monetary value to the material damage so far. What Cameroonians are made to understand at any stage of the crisis is that this or that information is official or this or that is fake. Be it official or fake, the underlying fact is that people are dying, houses are being burnt and many have become refugees and internally displaced persons. 

The most unfortunate thing about all these happenings, and this should be underscored, is the blame game that is being played over human life. Whereas Cameroonians are anxiously waiting for the much talked of inclusive dialogue which has been on every lips at national and international levels, among governments, civil societies, national and international organisations, the whole issue now has been thinned down to who is responsible for this or that act. Memories are still fresh on the controversy that surrounded some acts committed which led to the death of innocent Cameroonians. How about the increasing number of houses being burnt down, the dumping of human body parts on popular streets, the beheadings and the rampant killings? No one openly claims responsibility for each of these acts but many, notably the opposing camps continue to point accusing fingers on each other. The same blame game features prominently over the media where one finds makeshift experts making analyses of situations and drawing conclusions. The big question after all these, is who has benefitted what from this manipulation? See how cruel the human being can be to terminate the life of an innocent baby like the one in Muyuka. As someone said, the belligerent parties should it be that one of them is responsible for this gruesome act, should move with their heads down in shame.

Cameroonians in particular and the outside world are tired of this blame game and are asking with increasing insistence for the effective implementation of the overlaboured inclusive dialogue . What is «interesting » about this who-has-done-it alibi, remains the fact that Cameroonians are aware that what has happened is bad and grossly violates the tenets of human rights, national and international law. That said, the disturbing question is, why have things been able to attain this unfortunate stage? The answer is simple. There is lack of sincerity, exhibition of bad faith, hypocrisy and self-centeredness. Whereas no one has been able to openly display the gains obtained from manipulation of truth, Cameroonians continue to express their indignation and their thirst for peace and rapid solution to the war as far as North West and South West are concerned and insecurity in the case of the Far North Region.

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