Total Communion!

As euphoria of a cup win continues in the Littoral Region following the crowning of New Stars of Douala yesterday December 10, 2017 as Champions of the 58th edition of the Cup of Cameroon in football, history already records the show at the Mfandena stadium as one of total communion between sons and daughters of one country-Cameroon, and their leader, President Paul Biya.

The football final that was at the centre of activities, as tradition holds, was just a pull factor to collectively and joyfully round off the sports season in the country.

Yesterday’s cup final, just like the previous editions, only seconded National Day celebrations as one of the high moments during which the population cheerfully communes with their leader.

The massive turnout, not only of supporters of the two finalists, UMS Loum and New Stars Douala, but also of other sports lovers, was telling of a people who though diversified in culture, are united in vision.

A deliberate show of the will to discard what would have separated or could tear them apart to uphold that which unites brothers and sisters for a sound and mutually-beneficial Cameroon.

From time immemorial, sports has severally proven to be the unifying factor. For, in such moments, cultural and linguistic differences are largely subdued. Whether from North to South or East to West, sports speak the one language; that of unity as social barriers are easily shattered especially when the game produces a spectacle like the final yesterday.

The choreographic display staged by about 1,600 youths prior to the kick-off of the final was a veritable icing on the cake. The culture of Cameroon was displayed at its best and the values of togetherness greatly demonstrated to justify why the country absolutely needs to rise above divisive tendencies to remain united with all and sundry having unquestionable sense of belonging. 

Though the final was a regional derby of Littoral clubs, the turnout had nothing to do with that. It had national undertones as people from all walks of life took active part in it.

  A huge participation which portrayed a matured people bent on looking forward for better days ahead especially as the year draws to an end. It was indeed an ideal moment to relish a fruitful sports season! President Paul Biya simply ended in grand style what he has done all through this year with the numerous receptions of athletes who excelled in international competitions.

The communion therefore gave Cameroonians and their leader the opportunity to celebrate victories of the recent past and obviously look forward with hope for the future.

The successful organisation of the 2016 Female Africa Nations Cup in Cameroon during which the Indomitable Lionesses finished runners-up, the 5th crowning of their male counterparts during the Gabon 2017 Africa Nations Cup and the forthcoming 2019 Nations Cup in the male category to be staged by Cameroon are enough reasons for Cameroonians to feel proud of belonging to a united country under one leader. 

The rendezvous was arguably a rare moment for Cameroonians to unite, cheer up each other and beat off the stress that characterised national life in the recent months.

The humanitarian crisis in the Far North and East Regions and the social tension in the North West and South Regions are certainly tempting moments that need fortitude and unity to move on.

The cup final was undeniably that occasion for Cameroonians to show their attachment to the values of togetherness; cohesion that the country badly needs to forge ahead.

Communing with the leader at the end of his current mandate and on the eve of important political consultations like upcoming elections in 2018 was indeed a beautiful expression of much-cherished patriotism.

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