Top 16 Table Tennis Tournament; Ngwe Emmanuel, Ngo Nyemb, Winners

The second edition of the Top 16 table Tennis tournament ended in Yaounde on Sunday December 17, 2017.

Emmanuel Ngwe and Ngo Nyemb are the winners of the second edition of the Top 16 Table Tennis Tournament took place in Yaounde last weekend. Organised by the Cameroon Table Tennis Federation, which the competition brought together the best 16 table tennis stars in the country. The athletes competed in the junior, senior and veterans categories.

The competition had the main and the consolation draws to give the players more chances to go back home with trophies.

For two days Yaounde inhabitants had the opportunity to watch young Cameroonians display rich techniques in table tennis and for other youths to develop interest in the sport. In the senior men’s category, Emmanuel Ngwe beat Cyrille Bernsah 4-2 sets. The women’s competition, Ngo Nyemb beat Alemoura Almendine 3-1 sets while in the consolation Beatrice Enjema beat Viviane Kinyam 3-1 sets.

In the junior men’s category, Ahmed Neuba outplayed Mohamed Abdoulaye 3-2 sets while in the consolation game Fotso Alex beat Pokam 3-1 sets. In the veterans category Paulin Vouffo beat Begueka Assobo 3-0 sets and Bita Come beat Kume Peter 3-0 sets in the consolation competition. The President of the Cameroon Table Tennis Federation, Alfred Bagueka Assobo expressed satisfaction with the turnout and the performance of the athletes.

He said the performance of the players have once more proven that Cameroon has talented players. Bagueka Assobo said the competition which is organised at the end of the year is a bonus for all players with the best performance during the season.

Bagueka Assobo used the occasion to announce the imminent construction of a table Tennis training centre at the Yaounde Multipurpose Sports Complex in Warda by the Chinese Ambassador to Cameroon.


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