Time For Reconstruction!

Less than a fortnight after their appointment by the Prime Minister, the crack team charged with piloting the reconstruction of the North West and South West Regions from the close to four-year battle that has ruined it, is already fully in office. The installation yesterday April 15, 2020 of Paul Tasong and Njong Donatus as Coordinator and Deputy Coordinator respectively of the Presidential Plan for the Reconstruction and Development of the North West and South West Regions by the Head of Government signals a new dawn in the restive regions. Expectations are more than ever rife; logically so as the people have suffered a lot. 

In effect, the team is expected to immediately swing into full action so as to revive the shattered infrastructure in the regions and so reconcile the population with the once vibrant socio-economic, cultural and political activities of the peoples before the crisis crept in.

Public and private edifices like schools, offices and hospitals have either been completely burnt down or vandalised, roads and bridges destroyed and the life of fellow man made more desperate. Many long fled the regions either out of threats or desperation because what they had as property had been destroyed. Even those who mustered the courage to stay therein have been enduring as a result of the deplorable basic infrastructure left by the raging crisis.  

The Tasong-led reconstruction team, owing to its configuration and domains of specialisation of the coordinators, knows how deep the wound is and what it takes to heal them. In an interview granted Cameroon Tribune after his appointment, Paul Tasong disclosed that information at their disposal gives the magnitude of the damage caused the affected regions. That some 350 schools, 115 health Centers, 40 bridges, 400 water points, 500 km of low tension powerlines, 600km of rural roads, 45 markets, 12,000 private houses were destroyed and about 300,000 personal documents lost is telling enough of the depth of the task ahead. Challenging indeed! 

As Minister Delegate in the Ministry of the Economy in charge of Planning, Paul Tasong knows so well what it takes to mend the broken walls and will combine with the field experience of the emblematic former Mayor of Kumbo Council, Donatus Njong, to lift the population out of the pain. They have the assignment of the highest authority of the land; the Head of State, and the hopes of the population on their shoulders.  

It is thus a gigantic mission that needs more than just the will to live up to expectation. Government has shown the political will to journey the population of the restive regions off the ditch. After holding the Major National Dialogue from where the proposal to carry out an all-encompassing reconstruction was made, the commissioning of a team to do so, even in the midst of a global threat like the currently ravaging Covid-19 pandemic, speaks volumes of goodwill. A clear beckon on the population to join hands with government in creating a conducive environment for and making the reconstruction work participatory and up to taste. 

Even more, it is a clear call to those still battling to lay down their arms and join the reconstruction bandwagon. Fighting and fighting all the times has proven futile and forward-looking people must come to the understanding that incessant rebellion only brings destruction and suffering. People must be able to part ways with the bitter past and learn to abandon naïve ventures. There is no freedom better than being able to live and let others live. Reconstruction makes way for this and requires the input of all. Now is the time to do so!

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