The Sky Is Getting Clearer For Camair-Co

The reopening of the Bafoussam-Bamougoum Airport is an important step in implementing the company’s Restructuring Plan.


The official inauguration of the domestic flight on the Bafoussam-Bamougoum Airport in a ceremony presided at by the Minister of Transport tells of the effective takeoff of the restructuring plan of the national airline company, Camair-Co. The Bafoussan line is coming after a series of measures already taken in this light. These include: the appointment of the new management team headed by Mefiro Oumarou, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Transport as company Board Chair and Ernest Dikoum as Director General and the disbursement of FCFA 30 billion representing 50 per cent of the amount budgeted to finance the restructuring plan.

The stakes remain high for the new management especially as the restructuring plan is coming after several months of uncertainty caused by the recurrent breakdown of the Boeing 767-300 ER christened the “Dja” and the Boeing 737-700 coupled with the ban by the Civil Aviation Authority prohibiting the company from flying to Europe. The sky however seems to be getting clearer and how clear it will end depends on how successful the new management team takes the restructuring plan to the end.

The restructuring plan proposed by the American Boeing, the world’s largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and approved by the Head of State on July 26, this year, is expected to completely remove Camair-Co from the mess it has been basking in for several years. The plan executed under the coordination of Boeing, projects the opening of 27 lines, five of them intercontinental, 13 regional and nine domestic.

According to the Minister of Transport, the opening of the Bafoussam line will be followed by Bamenda, Bertoua, Koutaba, and Kribi all of which are receiving renovation conducted by the civil aviation authorities and the ADC (Cameroon Airports Corporation).  The plan equally earmarks the restructuring of Camair-Co’s debt situation and the progressive injection of FCFA 60 billion as investment in the company.

In order to take the plan to its logical end, Boeing is accompanying its implementation for an 18-month period renewable. The Bafoussam line will be served three times every week and as the Minister of Transport reiterated in his speech, this should significantly boost the economy of the region. The reopening of the Bafoussam line is just one of the steps in the long journey to be covered by the new management team which is expected among others to purchase nine additional aircraft to step up its fleet to 14 aircraft.

In effect, Camair-Co’s inability to fly higher has always been blamed on its limited fleet. This explains why Boeing insisted in its strategic audit report that the company’s flight expansion and business plan programme that brings out reliability was only achievable with more aircraft.


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