The Red Cross Carries Information Campaign

« Always wash your hands with runing water and soap, » « Cough or sneeze on the crease of your elbow or in a handkerchief, » « Avoid being in contact with people of less than one meter ». « In case of contamination, call 1510 for practical measures. » These were particularly the pieces of advice from Red Cross volunteers and Unicef members who were out to accompany the population in creating awareness on this pandemic and give preventive measures to fight against Covid-19.

In the presence of the Divisional Officer of Yaounde II, Mamadi Mahamat and in partnership with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the Ministry of Public Health, the International Red Cross Committee has therefore launched the project, which has the main mission of informing the population about this pandemic which has so far recorded several victims worldwide and many confirmed cases in Cameroon. In this same way, the representative of the Minister of Public Health, Dr Fanne Mahamat recalled some rules and hygiene measures to adopt daily. « Let’s avoid grouping of more than 50 people in all public places. Wash your hands before meals and after you get out of the shower. In the public squares, we will have 200 water points throughout the city of Yaounde to facilitate the practice of hygiene. Otherwise, your alcohol solution everywhere for hand cleaning. Or contact 1510 in case of illness or someone who may have symptoms. »

A total of 52 information desks in the seven councils of Yaounde city and in the surrounding towns will be placed in all the places with high population density. This is in order to create a change of behaviour in the population, the washing of hands and the promotion of good hygiene practices, underlined the President of the International Committee Cameroon Red Cross, Cecile Akame Mfoumou.

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