Telephones: Access Not Prohibited In Polling Stations

The Director General of Elections at Elections Cameroon (ELECAM), Dr. Essousse Erik has debunked information circulating on the social media indicating that mobile phones have been forbidden in polling stations on election day.

He made the clarifications in Yaounde on September 26, 2018 in a press conference following rumours that flooded the social media citing ELECAM as forbidding access of handsets in polling stations. He explained to the general public that there are no provisions in the Electoral Code which prohibits access of mobile phones into a polling station.

He recalled an earlier decision published him on August 9, 2018 to lay down the organization of polling stations for the October 7 presidential election, formalities before the opening of poll, the conduct of voting and vote counts, which makes no mention on the use of mobile phones in polling stations.

Dr. Essousse Erik further highlighted that the counting of votes on election day will be done in full view of everyone interested to participate in the activity. News on the banning of mobile phones in polling stations flooded the social media with some traditional media organs carrying publications on the said subject.

The Centre Regional Delegation of ELECAM was cited as the author of the information, saying it was published on their Facebook page. Commentators went further to attempt explanations saying the ban is intended to limit the filming of unused party ballot papers by electors for varied reasons. The press briefing of the Director General of Elections clears the air on the subject matter.

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