“Teachers Should Develop A Loving Spirit Towards Pupils”

Theophilus Metuge, Primary School Headmaster.

How can learners be motivated to resume effective schooling after two weeks feasting?

The first responsibility is in the hands of parents of school children. They have the responsibility to provide the necessary school needs for them such as, didactic materials, nutrition and complete school uniforms. They should be available to offer psychological preparedness and of course to pray together with them before the kick off for the second term of the academic year given that with God, all things are possible. Teachers come in the second position. They should by all acceptable means, develop a welcoming and loving spirit towards school pupils and students, especially on the first day of school.

How much of the pedagogic programme been covered and how can teachers effectively cover the curriculum in a busy term like this?

Since the second and third terms are very short and include many public holidays, the pedagogic programming of every school must be covered by at least 70 per cent before the close of the first term which is longest. Schools should ensure the bulk of the work is usually covered within that period. To effectively cover the curriculum, teachers should respect their outlined pedagogic schedule, be duty conscious, assiduous and time conscious. Those are the watchwords in our school and I think other schools nationwide should adopt them. Teachers also need to be motivated adequately. This can be done through timely and regular payment of good salaries and creation of a good working environment. In that regard our management is currently selling shares so that investors would fasttrack the growth of the school and equally improve the quality of education of the pupils. Motivated teachers would also motivate learners.

What advice would you give parents to help them effectively assist children?

My sincere advice to parents is that, they should provide prescribed didactic materials to their children and also allocate a scheduled follow-up of their children on a daily basis in a bid to obtain good results. Last but not the least, they should provide appropriate nutrition to their children when sending them to school. Note that a car cannot move without fuel, so children too cannot study well on empty stomachs.

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