“Talk to Prevent Depression”

What is depression ?

First of all, depression is a mental illness that affects the way you feel, your thoughts, the way you act and it also affects your physical well-being. To know that you’re depressed, there are three main things that you should see in yourself and in someone else for at least two weeks. We have persistent sadness, secondly, you lose interest in things you used to love and lastly you cannot cope with the smallest demands of daily life. Depression has other symptoms associated. The person has abnormal feelings like feeling worthless, guilty, hopeless, helpless, anxious, etc. Physically, you have abnormal body functions; eating patterns, sleep patterns change. And that causes low energy level. You are always feeling tired, weak. There are also abnormal pains with no causes. Socially, the people like to isolate themselves, they don’t interact. Your cognition is affected too. It makes people indecisive. It makes you to lose concentration and because of that, there is low memory among other things.

What are the causes of depression?

Life challenges or life changes. Because one of the things about depression, you find yourself in a state you never used to be before. For example, a man who was very successful in his business and goes bankrupt He has to start over, to humble himself in a level he probably forgot about. So that process of change, of starting from a different level is usually a trigger. A common cause is losing a loved one, the person died, living in a world you have to adapt to their absence, more common, losing a relationship, rejection. It leads some people to depression. Another factor that is growing and adding to the causes of depression is social media that can put you under ano ther pressure because there are things that you might see and you might envy. So imagine the world today where it’s in everybody’s hands to be able to be told that this is how you should work for you to be called worthy or not.

How do you treat it?

The main thing about treating and even preventing depression is talking. It is important to express general kindness to people. To not be careless about the way you speak to people. As a person, to prevent depression, they are things like socializing more. It is the more natural and more effective way. You have selfhelp books that can make you view life on a different way. Secondly, you should eat well, because there is a chemical basis of depression. There is a part of your brain that is there for pleasure and satisfaction and some of it is linked with the kind of food you eat. You also have to exercise. It is really great both for preventing and treating depression. Exercising is like magic and it is better in group. On the medical aspect, talking therapy is a whole spectrum. You also have antidepressants. You get there when it got really bad because it has its side effects.

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