Taekwondo Cup of Cameroon : Donkel Paldam, Elegance Pressing Lift Trophies

The campus of the National Institute of Youth and Sports in Yaounde was the venue of the 2018 edition of the Taekwondo Cup of Cameroon. Organised by the Cameroon Taekwondo Federation, the competition brought together athletes from 10 clubs from six regions in the country. It was an opportunity for the public to watch young Cameroonians display rich talents in the sports.

It was equally an opportunity for other young Cameroonians to develop interest in taekwondo. After intense competition, Donkel Paldam Taekwondo Club of Yaounde were the winners of the 2018 edition of the Taekwondo Cup of Cameroon in the women’s category. They were follo wed by Hypofobo Taekwondo Club and MKS Taekwondo Club from Yaounde.

In the men’s category, Elegance Pressing Taekwondo Club of Douala was the strongest after several fights. Donkel Paldam Taekwondo Club was second while Hypofobo Taekwondo Club finished third. At the end of the competition, Zouga Ebanga Hilton of Yaounde was crowned the best athlete in the men’s category while in women’s category, Sandrine Bidzono of Donkel Paldam was received the award for the best fighter in the competition.

The Secretary General of the Cameroon Taekwondo Federation, Simo Nzeus, expressed satisfaction with the performance of the athletes. He said the competition served as preparation for the upcoming Central African Taekwondo Championship which will take place in Yaounde in the days ahead.

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