State Property, Surveys and Land Tenure: Option to Fully Computerise Register

Experts met in Yaounde on September 26 to discuss proposals on improving the business climate.

Land users in Cameroon say titling procedures remain long and complicated. Bottlenecks abound, coupled with the fact that most of the services are still manual. The general cry is that government is yet to support the effective implementation of new land titling procedures contained in the 2005 reforms to address important issues undermining the credibility of the national land register.

Government’s response was to computerize services, modernise and cleanse the sector of malpractices. Experts met in Yaounde on September 26, 2016, to examine and endorse proposals on fully digitalising State property, surveys and land tenure services, procedures and products. The Minister of State Property, Surveys and Land Tenure, Jacqueline Koung à Bessike, chaired the sitting, insisting that securing the country’s national register was imperative. She said government was committed to eradicating land disputes, the issuance of several land deeds on the same title, falsification of land documents, doubling of pillars and encroachment into State property/land. But above all, reducing delays in the processing of land documents, mastery of the management of territorial space as well as the creation of a computerized data system for land is primordial.

Minister Koung à Bessike promised that the computerised system will be accessed by public and private users. Some 120,000 title deeds are earmarked for computerization in the short run, while a data base of 240,000 parcels of land in Yaounde, Douala, Garoua and Maroua, should be created by December 2017. All is therefore set to improve the country’s business climate as well as contribute and secure State revenue. She extolled experts to speed up work to meet the December 2017 deadline so as to have common and coherent software system on the country’s property, handling of surveys and land tenure.


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