State House School: First Lady Lights Christmas Tree

This was during the traditional Christmas party at “Les Coccinelles” Primary School Complex yesterday, December 20, 2016.


Cameroon’s First Lady, Mrs Chantal Biya has set the ball rolling in the lighting of 2016 Christmas trees. Together with pupils of “Les Coccinelles” Primary School Complex at the Unity Palace, Mrs Chantal Biya, who is also matron of the institution, illuminated an adorned Christmas tree in the presence of parents and some dignitaries. During the colourful event which took place Tuesday, December 20, 2016, the First Lady handed Christmas gifts to both current and former pupils of the school.

At « Les Coccinelles » Primary School Complex, Christmas decorations where seen everywhere, both outside and inside the school buildings, as well as the walkways. Flowers and trees were beautifully adorned with Christmas lights and attractive decors. The much awaited Christmas party started upon the arrival of the school matron after midday. In a brief speech, the kids expressed joy and excitement in communing with their matron in such a season full of happiness.

While appreciating the traditional Christmas tree event, they told their matron and parents to relax and enjoy the special package they had prepared for them which is spiced with songs, recitations about Christmas, sketches and a traditional dance from the centre region.

For over three hours the kids in Cameroon’s two official languages, French and English, demonstrated that they master the meanings of Christmas. In songs, « Les Coccinelles » pupils expressed their desires in waiting for Christmas; which is a joyous period during which they are sure to receive gifts from friends, relatives and, above all, their matron. Local artistes such as “The King”, former pupil from the school “Blacky carat” featuring Frankeinstein and Magasco in his popular hit “Wule bang bang” joined the kids in thanking Mrs Biya for her service to humanity, as well as expressing the joy of the season. This ushered Father Christmas with lots of gifts for each child. After inspecting the progress report of the pupils, Mrs Biya and other dignitaries alongside cabinet ministers joined the kids in a common meal to grace the day.

Before wishing “Merry Christmas” to each other, around an embellished Christmas tree, the pupils crowded round their dear mother, « Mama Chantal » as she plucked sweets and other goodies from the tree and distributed to them. This was a special moment for the kids and their matron. A group photograph alongside a special Christmas song ended the 2016 Christmas tree party at “Les Coccinelles » Primary School Complex.

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