Sports Infrastructure Construction : Ngaoundere Vita Parcours Soon Operational

The Ngaoundere Vita Parcours will be put to public use once its construction is complete in June, Colonel Jackson Kamgaing, Director of the Military Engineering Corps has said. According to the Director, the structure’s construction was ordered by the Head of State, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Paul Biya. It is the fourth Vita Parcours the Military Engineering Corps is building in the country, after that of Yaounde, Douala and Bamenda.

Colonel Jackson Kamgaing said the infrastructure will serve the sports and leisure needs of the population of Ngaoundere and will be managed by the Ngaoundere City Council and regional sports authorities. He said during the construction, they have demonstrated technical expertise and human competence. “When the Military Engineering Corps is involved, it is always better, cheaper and faster in execution,” Colonel Jackson said. He disclosed the Vita Parcours whose construction began in 2016 is 85 per cent complete. A workforce of 100 persons; comprising 70 civilians and 30 soldiers, has contributed to put up the edifice.

The Ngaoundere Vita Parcours occupies a 40-hectare land surface with many exercise stations –jogging on steps, hamstring pull, leg stretch, body raise, balance walk, calf stretch, hamstring stretch, amongst others. The structure incorporates a coffee point, a security post, a platform for abdominal exercises, first aid post, hall and administrative offices. It also has a multipurpose sports court, a football pitch and a playground for children. All the facilities are enclosed in a 3.5km fence.

The Government Delegate of the Ngaoundere City Council, Hamadou Dawa, has welcomed the development. He lauded the government and the Military Engineering Corps for realising the project. “This will give new life to the city and satisfy sports and leisure lovers,” he said. The Government Delegate noted that a library will be added to the Vita Parcour, in a building whose current occupants will be relocated.

The Military Engineering Corps has also been involved in some road infrastructure projects within the city of Maroua.They are carrying out pavement works from Pont Rouge as well as the construction of walls along the banks of River Mayo Kaliao.

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