South West : Security Improving, Vigilance Prescribed

The Minister of Territorial Administration (MINAT), Paul Atanga Nji has cautioned defence and security forces, forces of law and order and the administrative authorities in the South West Region to remain vigilant despite the fact that the security, economic and social situation in the region is gradually returning to normalcy.

He made the recommendation at the Governor’s Office in Buea on November 1, 2019 as he chaired a security evaluation meeting instructed by the Head of State, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, President Paul Biya. “The security situation is under control. We have seen with satisfaction that things are coming back to normalcy in the South West Region,” he said. Minister Atanga Nji extended the encouragements of the Head of State to the administrative authorities, as well as the defence and security forces for the wonderful job they have been doing for the past three years of the socio-political crisis.

He said the humanitarian efforts carried out by the forces have contributed to building trust and confidence with the population. “We are still in the process of confidence building. But I can tell you that there is a good synergy between the local population, administrative authorities and the forces of law and order,” he stated. Under the guidance and leadership of President Paul Biya, he said, Cameroon will emerge victorious and overcome the security challenges. He recalled Pope Benedict XVI’s declaration during his visit to Cameroon when he said “Cameroon is a promised land.” For the declaration to materialise, Minister Atanga Nji appealed, “We should work to consolidate national unity, pacific co-existence and common interest.” The Minister announced that the distribution of humanitarian assistance to the internally displaced persons within the framework of the Head of State’s Emergency Humanitarian Assistance Plan will be intensified and will concern all the Subdivisions of the South West.

Future Elections

Minister Atanga Nji said elections could take place whenever the Head of State calls electors to the polls. He therefore called on the administrative authorities to collaborate with Elections Cameroon (ELECAM) for the proper material organization of the elections. It was for this reason that the ELECAM regional delegate presented the picture of the situation on the field. “They have certain challenges and we have promised to give them the necessary assistance.”

Concerning Lebialem Division where the security challenge is still acute, the Minister said security measures are being taken and everything is under control. He said the new Senior Divisional Officer is going to work with the population to restore State authority and called for the collaboration of the population.

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