South West Region: General Elokobi On Road To Safety Campaign

He led a road safety team, Sunday, to visit the Muyuka Mile 29 accident spot that claimed the lives of 19 on 19 August, 2017.

The Director of Central Coordination (DCC) at the Secretariat of State in in the Ministry of Defence in charge of the National Gendarmerie, Brigadier General Elokobi Daniel Njock, has led a road safety campaign team to the South West Region on the eve of September 4, 2017, school resumption. The Brigadier General explained that it was the custom with the Gendarmerie to go the field before schools reopen and also when other big events approach. “We have 12 check Points from Kousseri down to Buea within the four Regions of Gendarmerie. Because of what happened in Mile 29 Muyuka, the Secretary of State in charge of the Gendarmerie ordered me to come to the field with some seven syndicates to see what went wrong and to find proposals for short and long term solutions”, the General explained to the press in Muyuka.

Accompanied by the South West Gendarmerie Legion Commander, Colonel Jules Njeuha and other top ranking Officers from Yaounde and the Divisional officer (DO) for Muyuka, Tambe Thomas, General Elokobi visited the scene of 19 August, 2017, road accident that took the lives of 19 persons at Mile 29 hill in Muyuka (Fako Division). While on the spot, the D.O. for Muyuka informed the Brigadier General that a descending truck heading towards Kumba, apparently reckless and losing control, left its side and crushed a passenger bus causing the instant death of 19 persons who were returning from a funeral in Muyuka. “Since May, 2013, when I was posted as Divisional Officer for Muyuka, no single month has passed without a road accident at Mile 29”, Mr Tambe remarked.

The visiting Brigadier General proceeded to hold a fact-finding meeting in the DO’s office in Muyuka attended by seven representatives of transportation syndicates including Ngombi Esowe Emmanuel of the Buea-based Federation of Autonomous Inter-Urban Syndicates of Cameroon. Also in attendance were Dzipan of SNTBC, Yamfam-Zakari of CGSTC, Fomossa of “Syndicat des Transporteurs” and Sama of Fako Truck Drivers’ Union.


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