South West: Protective Measures Against Secessionists Threats

Administrative, traditional and religious authorities are on their heels to discourage manifestations over the weekend.

The South West Region has been put on guard against secessionists threats announced on social media for October 1 in Anglophone Cameroon. The situation is even more worrisome owing to last September 22, 2017 protest marches staged with surgical success in the Regional capital, Buea, and numerous other major centres of the Region.

To assuage possible escalations proactively, Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai has dished out messages of peace and safeguard to all citizens of good faith, good morals and non-violence, to protect their children from joining any attempts at violence this weekend. From 30th September to October 2, public manifestations are forbidden.  “Let youngsters stay at home or at school where they are supposed to be”, Okalia Bilai has said.

Elsewhere, the Senators of the South West Region have joined their colleagues of other Regions to distance themselves from any secessionist bid and called on citizens to be law abiding. The list of close to 40 Senators who signed the call included Senators from the South West like Tabe Tando Ndiep-Nso, Fon Mukete Victor, Mbella Moki Charles, Otte Andrew Mofa, Matute Daniel Lyonga, Ntube Agnes Ndode, and Anya Simon Ngwo.

Meanwhile, the peripheral localities of Ekona, Mutengene and the like are under check as authorities say to nib attempts at destabilisation in the bud. It is evident that many localities of the South West Region have received an increase in the number of uniform officers to match the level of threats earlier received from protagonists.

The Catholic authorities have acted on two fronts by rescheduling their Masses of Sunday back to Saturday and urged parents to collect their children from boarding schools to put them under protective hands of their parents until this weekend expires next week. Last Wednesday, the Divisional Officer for Buea held a sensitisation meeting at the Council hall with stakeholders to train vigilante groups to redouble collaboration with the authorities through information averting any troubles next Sunday.

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