South West: Cultural Festival In Buea

The Minister of Arts and Culture, Prof. Narcisse Mouelle Kombi, presided over the event at the Molyko Sport complex.

The Bakweris, Isubus, Bakundus, Bafaws, Bakossis, Mbos among other ethnic groups drawn from the six administrative divisions of the South West are at a cultural display at the Molyko Sport esplanade.

They are showcasing their strength in their rich traditional patrimony whichcomprised of architecture, music, folklore, gastronomy, traditional medicines among others.

The Minister of Arts and Culture, Prof. Narcisse Mouelle Kombi, who opened the second edition of the South West Cultural Festival in Buea on December 9, 2017, said that it is a collective responsibility of chiefs and parents to transmit their culture to their offspring.

The Minister said that the South West Cultural Festival is a laudable initiative where cultural heritage is revived, promoted and valorised. To achieve this, he said that peace and security are needed.

Prof. Narcisse Mouelle Kombi paid homage to South West celebrated artists among whom are Tatah Kingue, Njume Loko, Maxs Sakwe Lyonga for taking the culture to the global village.

The President of South West Chiefs Conference, Nfon V. E. Mukete said that the festival is expected to be a snapshot of multiculturalism and living together.

He applauded the event organisers, saying culture is what matters and people should never depart from it. Fako traditional rulers poured libation appeasing the gods for a hitch-free cultural jamboree celebrated on them theme, “transmitting our culture to the younger generation, a call for mobilisation.”

The Minister, traditional rulers and South West administrative authorities were entreated to traditional dishes from the South West. Folklore singing, dancing and display of traditional artifacts, joined by ethnic groups from the North West Region set the ball rolling in Buea.

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