South West: Calm And Serenity Return To Buea

Life has been normal in the town since the visit of the Secretary General of the CPDM Central Committee to Buea.


Some schools in the town of Buea have gone operational after the upheavals that took place in Buea and Bamenda, which led to the semi closure of certain schools because teachers deserted the classrooms.  Most of the schools that are functioning normally are mostly the government secondary schools and primary schools.

Apart from the educational sector, the normal day to day live the town used to have is back and it seems nothing ever went wrong. The business places around the town open on a daily basis, markets remain open on their normal days and the population goes in and out to buy various items that they need.

Talking to some individuals, they believe dialogue with the government is the beginning of a lasting solution to any of the problems that are being posed. They added that the government must take decisive steps that will bring lasting solutions.

Others think that the government should sort out the problems on the table in good faith by telling the Anglophones the truth. Another inhabitant of Buea said politics cannot be mingled with conflicts. This, he said, is in reference to the visits of the chairman of the SDF, Fru Ndi as well as the visit of the CPDM Secretary General, Jean Nkuete. He added that their visits could not handle all the issues because the on-going problems cannot be solved through politics alone.

In spite of the calmness of the town, there are allegations made that a certain group in the South West Region wants to continue with the strike to ensure their requests is granted. There have also been some wild rumors going on about the intensions of unidentified persons who want to continue creating fears.

In the face of the situation, the Governor of the Region, Bernard Okalia Bilia issued an injunction calling on the population calm and assuring the people that measures have been taken to protect live and property throughout the Region.

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