South West: Buea Councilors Designate New Deputy Mayor

This was at the 2nd Ordinary Session of the Council for 2016 that also adopted over FCFA 2 billion as 2017 budget.


Retired educationalist, Gembo Rose Tchonta, has been designated by Buea Councilors to fill the position of the 4th Deputy Mayor of the Buea Council. She replaced Dr. Ojongmkpot Comfort Oben in what the Councilors termed unjustified absence from work for over a year following some internal wrangling. The decision was reached on December 20, 2016 at the Buea Council Hall. Mayor Ekema Patrick Esunge said the decision to replace her is in conformity with the law.

“The law stipulates that in the absence or vacancy of a mayor or deputy, the councilors in a session may choose among the councilors to represent or fill the vacancy. Within eight days, the mayor will write to the Council Supervisory Authority for validation,” Ekema explained to news men.

For 2017, Buea Council will function on a budget of  FCFA 2,052,900,000. It has witnessed an increase of FCFA 320,700,000 giving a 18.53 per cent as oppose to 2016 budget that stood at FCFA 1,732,000,000. Buea Council shall sign a MoU with Texel4Solar to install solar lighting system in Buea Municipality, develop new and maintain existing roads. Cooperating in cleanliness with the Hygiene and sanitation company will be intensified. For 2017 Buea Council intends to re-name streets and provide 1000 jackets to commercial bike riders.

Mayor Ekema said in 2016 Buea Council provided didactic material to various primary schools in the Municipality. Realising and handing over the Great Soppo Health Centre which is already functional. Outstanding in the 2016 activities, he said, was a meeting summoned by the Buea Council in the face of the Anglophone Question Crisis and procuring the release of University of Buea students that were arrested in the face of the crisis.

The Council Supervisory Authority in Fako Division, Zang III, tasked Mayor Ekema to check clandestine transportation at Mile 17 Motor Park. He enjoined councilors and Buea Council staff to be professionally duty conscious and show respect for hierarchy.

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