“Social Climate In NW Has Improved A lot”

Adolphe Lele Lafriqu, North West Governor.

How is the North West Region faring?

The North West Region is breathing well as the social climate has improved a lot despite the fact that we still continue to witness ghost towns in some areas on certain days. Generally, classes have resumed in schools across the region in the basic and secondary sector. We can put the rate of school attendance at close to 40 per cent. At the tertiary education level, the university has resumed and we have not registered any major problem.

Mr. Governor, for the past one year, have you really found time to have a sound sleep?

Yes, God being our helper, we are having time to sleep. The little we can do is that we are ready at any time to respond to the expectation of the people. It has been a very trying moment but with the grace of God, we have been surmounting the challenges. We hope that with the contribution of the population and the security forces, we can do more.

What do you make of the Head of State’s recent declaration concerning the crisis in the North West and South West Regions?

We have registered attacks against our security forces in the North West Region by a gang of terrorists. However, the Head of State has assured the national community with regards to measures taken to ensure the security of persons and the defense of our national territory and integrity. In this light, we want to assure the Head of State that on the field, we shall take part in the putting in place of dispositions taken at the meeting presided at by the Minister Delegate in charge of Defense. We shall mobilise the population who suffer from the actions of these enemies of the Republic so that in the army-nation synergy, we can defeat them.

Are you satisfied with the presence of military men in your region of command?

Military men are in the barracks. Gendarmerie and police officers; forces of the second and first categories, are doing their job of maintaining law and order. They are protecting people and their properties. They are working in keeping with the laws and regulations of the Republic and the general interest of the population.

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