September/October Street Protests : PM Takes Biya’s Message of Peace, Hope to NW

The elites of the region are on the field to talk with the people for return to normalcy


The September 22nd and October 1st, 2017 street protests and confrontations between the population and the forces of law and order that saw the destruction of property, snatched lives and slowed socio-economic activities are still fresh. It is against this backdrop that the Prime Minister Head of Government, Philemon Yang is leading a delegation of North West elite to the region with a message of peace and hope from the Head of State, President Paul Biya.

The delegation of elite is on the field since Sunday October 15, 2017 to commune, consult and share President Biya’s message which stresses peace, reason and the need for things to quickly return to normalcy after  the regrettably events that  do not help in nation building . The delegation is expected to reach out to all the Divisions and Subdivisions with the President’s message of love and inspire the population to hope for a better future with President Paul Biya acting in their interest.


Prof Ghogomu Paul Mingo: “People Should Work For A Better Country”

Director of Cabinet, Prime Minister’s Office


What is the mission of the North West elite to the region?

A letter of the 13th of October indicated that the President of the Republic asked the Prime Minister to conduct delegations to the North West and South West regions in order to convey a message of peace to the two regions. The populations of the two regions have suffered a lot over the past few months and especially on the 22 of September and the 1st of October. The Head of State thought he could send this goodwill message to all his compatriots so that they should know that the State is the State and that what has happened has happened and they should look forward with hope.

What specific message is the team taking to the population?

The message we are taking to the people is that what we have seen is deplorable and that what they have lived is unwanted and that it should never happen. Therefore, the President is saying that secession is a futility that people should stop thinking about it and that we should look forward and get back to work. The constitution of 1996 remains the fundamental law of this nation. In that constitution all aspects of decentralization are foreseen. The last two are the regional houses which will be put in place. Four years ago the Senate was put in place. Consequently, the regional houses will be put in place also and that will come to complete the decentralization process. We think that this is getting our country into a federated State. And that is the type of government that is most needed. As the Prime Minister always puts it, in 1961 we had a constitution that was a thesis, in 1972 we had a constitution that was anti thesis and the constitution of 1996 became a synthesis which is better than the above.

How far will the team go to deliver the message?

If you look at the composition of our delegations we are going to the villages, we are going to the quarters, families, we are going door-to-door. We want every Cameroonian in the North West and South West Regions to know that we should not be fooled again. The time has come for us to talk to our brothers and sisters.  That is why people are not going to different places but to their own villages.

What do you expect from the population?

We expect that people can come out from this lethargy. People can come out from this dream, the dream should stop and people should start working for a better country.  When I come to Bamenda I feel so bad. People are poor and do not know what is going to happen to their children. I visited some schools and found children that are repeating who should not have been repeating and it is traumatising to them.

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