Senator Nfon Victor E. Mukete: Eldest Member Of Senate Clocks 100

On the sidelines of two plenary sessions that took place at the Senate House on November 14 and 15, Senators gathered around their eldest colleague, Senator Nfor Victor Essemosengo Mukete to wish him good tidings on his 100th birthday. They all agreed he is an inspiration to many citizens and an embodiment of what every Cameroonian should aspire to be.

A birthday cake was offered in his honour yesterday. The Senator who is Paramount ruler of the Bafaws in Meme Division, South West Region was born on November 15, 1918. He studied in Nigeria and London and represented West Cameroon in the Nigerian House of Assembly.

He prides himself as one of those who stood in favour of the reunification of Cameroon. “To understand what I know and what I think about this country and Africa, read my book,” he told Senators who gathered for a chat with him.

On his centenary, he told Cameroon Tribune, he has ordered that a copy of the book entitled “My Odyssey: History of the reunification of Cameroon” should be given to libraries of every ‘grande ecole” (public owned professional higher education institutions) in the country.

He has been eldest member of the Senate since its inception in 2013; a status which gives him the privilege to address his peers at the opening of every legislature.

He is an honorary member of the Central Committee of the ruling CPDM and has held influential posts in the country including the board chairmanship of Cameroon Telecommunications Corporation.

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